In some states, teenagers are allowed a learner’s permit as young as fourteen years old. Other states require teenagers to be fifteen or sixteen before they can receive a learner’s permit. Like many parents, you may think these ages are too young to operate a motor vehicle. Hundreds and thousands of teenagers are injured in car accidents each year. Here’s a look at the technology that can help prevent your teen driver from being involved in an auto accident.
Phone Apps
Phone apps, including LifeSaver, TextLimit, Waze, and Live2Txt have a variety of features that will help your teen stay safe behind the wheel. LifeSaver is a GPS monitoring app that records your teen’s bad driving habits. LifeSaver automatically informs you of when your teen reaches their destination. TextLimit disables text messaging and different notifications, so teens aren’t tempted to look down at their phones and use them while driving. Waze is a navigation app that helps your teen safely arrive at their destination by providing real-time traffic updates and alerts. Before being able to use this app, your teen must confirm they are not using the app while driving. You can download the app and track your teen’s location as they drive. Live2Txt is similar to the TextLimit and LifeSaver apps. Live2Txt disables incoming calls and texts while your teen is driving. Notifications are also blocked when this app is enabled. People who initiate contact with users of this app receive a message that the individual is unable to respond at the moment.
Insurance Company Webcam
Insurance company webcams are available in different sizes. Some webcams are tiny, and other webcams can be mounted on the dashboard of a car. Some insurance companies offer parents the option of installing a webcam in the rear-view mirror that records sudden movement. This movement is sent to a website where parents and teens can view the footage and then discuss what improvements or changes need to be made. This technology offers peace of mind when your teen becomes a driver.
Buy a Tech-Savvy Vehicle
If you’re concerned about your teen’s safety while they’re driving, it’s a good idea to invest in a vehicle that has the latest safety technology. Many car manufacturers have taken different steps to keep teens safe. In addition to vehicle safety features, including a blind-spot monitor and lane departure warnings, car manufacturers include specialized features specifically for teen drivers. Some of the safety features include top speed settings, volume limit, radio mute, and other safety features.
The thought of your teen becoming a legal driver can be scary. Everyone has to leave the nest at some time, so it’s good to know you have apps and other technology that provide peace of mind while they’re on the road.
If your teen does get in an accident or their car breaks down, call us and we’ll be there to offer our professional towing service.