Over the past few years, there have been a number of discussions dealing with self-driving cars and other forms of automotive driving. Car companies such as Tesla Motors are working hard to bring this to fruition. The reality is that the world is simply too far away, decades maybe from actually seeing this come to fruition. What has happened is the creation of a variety of technological improvements to our current road system. Here are some of those recent advancements and how they are making our roads safer to drive on.
Smart Intersection Technology
According to Groth Law, “Connected Intersections” are a type of smart intersection technology that uses traffic signals that communicate between sensors and connected vehicles. These can then manipulate traffic signals to meet the needs of the city. You might be thinking that intersection lights are simply fine the way they are. Although they work just fine within small and medium-sized cities, larger cities can see an influx of congestion when they are timed normally. This causes bumper to bumper traffic, angry commuters, and many other dangers that can be easily prevented by the installation of these types of technologies.
Advanced Safety Features in Cars
Although self-driving cars are still decades away, there has been a push by some of the largest automotive companies to implement safety features into their new vehicles. In fact, according to Auto123, Canada has become among the first countries in the world to require by law a rearview camera inside every car on the road. A recent feature that has been included within the newer models and that has also increased the safety of both new and old cars is adaptive cruise control. Adaptive cruise control utilizes the vehicle’s radar and camera modules to regulate your cruise speed depending on the distance and speed of the cars in front and behind you. Although these are certainly a step in the right direction, manufacturers and government agencies understand that there is still much progress to be made.
Intelligent Road Studs
Have you ever been at a stoplight with two turn signals only to see other cars turning into your lane? This is a common occurrence throughout the country and one that causes a lot of accidents, both fender benders, and more serious ones. According to Clearview Intelligence, this is why local governments are investing in installing intelligent road studs. The way they work is that when the light turns from red to green, the LED road studs light up as well. This allows cars to understand perfectly which lane they are in and how they should turn. It’s a small innovation in road safety but one that truly saves lives in the process.
Innovations in technology have allowed the public to better protect themselves within their homes. Now, it’s time for those protections to cross into our driving lives. Though much more needs to be improved on and changed, there is no doubt that the future is bright for road safety.