Most people know car accidents are bad, but until you’ve experienced a bad one, you may not realize just how bad an accident can be. They can set you back financially in a number of ways, and most importantly leave lasting scars and injuries. Every year, in fact, over one million people around the globe are killed in car accidents. In the United States, car crashes continue to be a leading cause of death despite the safety standards and licensing requirements designed to mitigate the damage. Here are a few examples of how traffic accidents might be worse than you ever imagined.
You May Never Recover
Injuries from traffic accidents can last a lifetime. Common physical injuries from car accidents include concussions, broken bones, and injuries to the spinal cord (including paralysis). These can often be devastating, and some who experience them never fully recover or regain the same level of function as prior to their accidents. Seatbelts, airbags, and other safety features standard in all American cars can prevent some of the worst injuries, but not always.
They Are More Expensive Than You Think
Car accidents come with huge costs. First, there is the cost of repairing your vehicle if you were at fault or if the other driver was not insured. Depending on your type of coverage, insurance companies will often find loopholes to avoid paying the repair costs. They have the advantage in this contest because they know the ins and outs of insurance law. Another major cause, in the unfortunate case of injury, is the frequently massive medical bills. Even if you are insured, there may be limits to what you are owed and collecting may mean an even bigger headache. A hidden cost that often pops up unexpectedly for car crash victims is that your insurance rates are likely to increase even if it’s not your fault.
Time Loss
Dealing with insurance companies, doctors, the police, the legal system, repair shops, and all the other parties involved in traffic accidents is a huge time commitment. You may find yourself staying up late—months or even years after the event—trying to collect the money you’re owed or figuring out how to shoulder the financial cost. An experienced attorney can help save a lot of time in the right circumstances.
Car accidents are not minor events. Even small accidents can end up costing a lot in terms of well-being, money, and time. Making sure that you do everything you can to be safe so that you can be more likely to avoid a car accident and its consequences.
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