It’s easy to understand getting in an accident on a busy freeway, but some of the most likely accident spots are places you might never have guessed. This article will serve as a reminder to be on the lookout for potential danger areas wherever you drive.
Parking Lots
Before backing out of your parking space, make sure other cars, pedestrians, or shopping carts aren’t behind you. There’s a good chance you can’t just put your vehicle in reverse and back up. Aisles in parking lots can be so narrow that it’s possible to back into a car across the aisle from you even if you looked behind you. You might have missed their backup lights, and if they didn’t see yours or are racing to get out of the parking lot, you could crash into each other. Parking lot fender benders account for a large percentage of vehicle accident claims.
Near Your Home
Being a few miles from home doesn’t mean you’re out of harm’s way. You know the route, you’re familiar with the traffic. Those are reasons that can make it so dangerous driving in familiar territory. More than half of all motor vehicle accidents typically happen within five miles or less from home. You don’t pay such good attention. You might not signal or look both ways. Little traffic does not mean no accidents. Thousands of personal injury cases are filed every year on accidents close to home. If you suffer injuries in a car accident near your house, you might need the services of a law office like Silverthorne Attorneys in Orange County, California, home to some of the deadliest freeways in the country. How many of those drivers are only a few miles from home?
Two-Lane Highways
There can be something peaceful and soothing about driving along a two-lane highway on your way to wherever the road takes you. Some drivers don’t want to take it so leisurely, though, and passing when there are only two lanes can be dangerous. Highways with light traffic, downtown areas, or residential neighborhoods might only have two lanes. Don’t get complacent because there are few cars around. All it takes is one driver passing another with ongoing traffic right there and an accident can happen. Keep your eyes on other drivers and give ample space to those around you. It’s better to slow down if necessary than to risk road rage by someone determined to pass you at any speed.
Defensive driving is always important, but it’s more so in certain areas. Be mindful of the area and other drivers around you. It’s better to get home safely than to not get there at all!
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