Currently, SUVs are preferred by many people thanks to their interior versatility, all-wheel-drive, and off-road ability. Also, they come at many sizes, shapes, and prices. Thus, you can easily find a new one that is suitable for you.

This article will give you information about experience choosing to buy the right SUV for your needs. Let’s get started!

Some Types of SUVs


Subcompact SUVs are also known as the extra-small SUVs in the market these days. This type seems to be the higher alternative to the same-sized cars. For instance, you can think about the Kia Seltos or Mazda CX-30. These models provide drivers with upright seating. Also, their ride heights are elevated.

Another strength of this type is the small footprint, so you can park or maneuver the subcompact SUVs more easily. But you cannot expect much about the off-road capability or cargo volume.


This type will be suitable for those seeking a car with more room. Some SUVs that can offer a high driving position, flexible and useful cargo space are the Toyota RAV4 or Honda CR-V. Besides, their back seats can accommodate two adults comfortably.

Although their off-road abilities are limited, they still can deal with the muddy trail or the dirt road occasionally. Some other new models can also offer quieter cabins, sportier handling, more amenities, and greater fit.

Compact 3-Row

The compact 3-row SUVs are for drivers who like the small size but still want to have three rows. Some signature cars for this line can be Volkswagen Tiguan. It can offer a lot of technology and safety features.

Whereas another option the Mitsubishi Outlander is rugged to deal with some off-road activity. Also, you can consider the Kia Sorento. It seems to be a standard model having a quiet and attractive interior.


It can be said that midsize SUVs are better for a lot of families thanks to their interior space, safety, and cargo room. Their variants can be the kind of two- or three-row and children should sit on the 3rd row as it is so cramped that adults find it hard to get in.

The capacity of towing ranges from 3,500 – 5,000 pounds. Also, several models are equipped with the trailer package so that drivers can get the greatest capacity. Some luxury midsize ones can expand the comfort, refinement, performance, and obviously the price.


The large SUV will offer you lots of power, towing capacity, and interior space. Yet, some models are bulky, big, thirsty, and clumsy. Thus, this type of car is more suitable for those in need of hauling a trailer, many people, or a lot of gear.

The advantage of this car is that drivers can get better passenger comfort. Besides, some luxury cars are equipped with exclusive amenities including high-quality stereo systems, leather upholstery. You can also experience the power seats with countless adjustments.


The electric SUVs are often silent, fast, and stylish. They are combined with sharp looks and practicality. Some outstanding models can be the Audi e-tron, the Tesla Model Y, or the Jaguar I-Pace. These cars can provide a smooth ride, snappy acceleration, and a great driving experience.

Features to consider when purchasing the SUVs


A versatile SUV will have a suitable seating configuration. It means that you can fold the second-row or even the 3rd-row seats down to spend space for cargo. So, you should consider seats that allow you to fold flat and you will get the greatest space.

Let’s compare SUVs with minivans, you can handle the heavy objects easier with the SUVs as they have higher cargo floors. Besides, several truck-based models usually have greater payload capacities. Thus, drivers are able to carry more heavy stuff. Most of them provide power-operated lift gates that are easy to go into the bay.


Understandably, truck-based cars are preferable as they offer more towing capacity. Specifically, some full-sized cars can tow about 9,000 pounds which is equal to a large boat. Likewise, some other mid sized ones can tow around 5,000 pounds.

Hence, you have to look at the rating of two capacities. Otherwise, the larger and midsize SUVs need an extra tow package so that they can reach the greatest rating.

Fuel economy

The SUVs nowadays are redesigned to be fuel-efficient. Among many types of SUVs, hybrids are the most useful car in saving fuel. However, few automakers can offer hybrids.


The SUVs today accommodate drivers with 5-9 passengers. In general, if you want a comfortable car for growing teens and adults, think about the midsize SUV or spacious compact one.

Or else, you can change your option to the large truck-based models. They open up more room, which provides the most comfort. In addition, there is the 3-row SUV type that provides lots of third-row space. Several third rows are for kids, and some can be used by adults if they are not too cramped.

Off-road equipment

Generally, only some of the SUVs are truly capable of going off-road. To deal with the rough stuff, you should look at SUVs that have 4-wheel drive, big ground clearance, and fortified suspensions.


This criterion seems to be fairly subjective. There is a lot of exterior styling on the market these days. Some of them are city slickers equipped with dazzling LED lights, elegant lines. Others are rugged with chunky tires and lower panels.

Aside from these features, you should contemplate the liftover height. It means that the height should be suitable for you to lift the cargo and push it in.


About the experience choosing to buy the right SUV in the segment and needs. Hope that you find this article helpful, and you now get clearer about some SUV types as well as their features.