Jacksonville, FL, is an ideal place to spend time. You can enjoy the sunshine and great local attractions, such as the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens. If you live or work in Jacksonville while dividing your time between there and another state, it’s important to ensure your pet’s needs are met as well as your own. Follow the tips below to ensure your pet can stay safe and healthy while living in two states.

Save Money and Live Better

There are plenty of ways you can save money, leaving extra for you and your pet to enjoy life a little more. If you’re living in two states equally, you may obtain dual residency. That means you’re a resident of both states. Fortunately, you only need to have car insurance from one state and it’ll cover you in either.

Opt for a policy that meets the minimum requirements in both states. and select insurance in the least expensive state.  Depending on where you live, that might be Florida, considering the cost of living in many Florida cities is cheaper than the U.S. average.

When you’re considering pet insurance, you may use this same rule. If the pet insurance is cheaper in Jacksonville or your original state, you may choose to have insurance from the state where it’s cheaper — and it’ll still cover animal medical care in either state. This resource can help you in finding pet insurance in Florida.

Other ideas include streaming your television shows rather than getting cable, as you’ll still be able to watch what you want wherever you live and without the steep price. Don’t forget to stock up on nonperishable items and those you can deep freeze, too, by shopping with coupons or when sales hit.

Keep Your Pet Healthy

Living in two homes can cause a great deal of stress for your pet. Therefore, it’s essential to make sure your pet stays healthy no matter where you are. Make sure you have a vet in both states. And every time you’re in a state for a few months, get your pet’s routine examination.

That way, you can keep up with preventative care, like flea and tick meds. It also helps to have a pet sitter in both states for times when you may not be around for a few days.

If you and your pet have an accident or break down alongside the road in Jacksonville, FL, be sure to access the services from HESSCO Innovations.

Have Pet Supplies in Both States

You can make life easier by having routine pet supplies in both states, such as the following:

This makes it easier on you when it comes to packing and traveling, and it ensures that your pet won’t have to go without essentials.

Veterinarian recommendations for pet products provide insight to help you choose safe and effective ones for your dog or cat. Always check for endorsements from veterinary specialists when evaluating different pet product websites.

Juggle Your Time Comfortably With a Pet

You can juggle your time between Florida and another state with little problem, even if you have a pet, by being prepared. Always make sure you consider their health needs as well. View HESSCO Innovations to learn more about their roadside assistance.