The dangers of driving are instilled in teens’ heads, but it can still be exasperatingly difficult for them to actually live up to the totally understandable expectations that have been laid out. Teens need to be responsible drivers not just so they can pass their test but also so they can keep others safe. This is what teens can do to prove they can be trusted behind the wheel.
Take Care of the Car
A teen might think they’re too busy with school and clubs to look after their car. However, if a teen is deemed responsible enough to drive a vehicle, they should also be deemed responsible enough to keep it in good condition. The first step is driving responsibly, such as not slamming on brakes. They should also keep an eye on their engine and oil. If anything is amiss, they need to bring their car to a repair shop. Having car troubles doesn’t mean someone’s not responsible. What matters is that they don’t just try to ignore the problem it hopes that it goes away.
Drive Smart 
Teen drivers can become so excited about receiving their licenses that they can forget how much they have to learn. The best path is to start slowly and to be cautious, especially when the weather is bad. During inclement weather it’s important to take extra caution when driving and take that necessary steps that increase your safety in the rain. Brauns Law explains that these steps are to check your tires, reduce your speed, give others their own space, avoid cruise control, and learn how to handle a skid. Being responsible could also mean not driving if they’re feeling drowsy. No matter how much your teen might want to get somewhere, they need to wait to drive until the conditions allow it.
Avoid Acting on Emotions
Defensive Driving explains that many people can become very emotional while driving, or even use driving as a means of getting rid of negative emotions. However, if your teen is feeling negative, their driving performance is going to be affected. They can learn coping skills for dealing with anger before or from driving, such as deep breathing if someone cuts them off. If they’re so upset before driving that they’re gripping the steering wheel with a super-tight grip, they need to clear their minds. Responsibility and maturity are soul mates and letting go of anger can let your teen show how responsible they are.
There are plenty of teens who are responsible drivers and plenty of adults who are reckless. However, how one drives during their teenage years could set a pace for the rest of their driving career. Being caught driving dangerously can have plenty of outcomes, and none of them are good. Teens should be focused on what they can to show that receiving their license wasn’t a fluke that should be reversed.
Of course, for even the safest driver the worst can happen. If it does, give a call to us here at A-HESSCO Roadside Assistance & Towing Innovations, and one of our rapid response teams will take care of you!