Professional service providers charge professional rates for a reason. Those with life experience will always say “you get what you pay for”.
Ever hear of “buy it for life”? The concept usually applies to expensive products of the highest quality since it is proven that quality lasts longer.
Grandpa or Granny talk about life pro tips that teach us to “never go cheap on things that touch the ground“, implying that we should never skimp on tires or shoes.
Here, we will apply these concepts to services.
There is a reason you don’t get stingy on services. A bad haircut might grow out, but why take that risk?
Most are willing to pay extra to ensure they get a great job the first time. Service that is consistently reliable is hard to come by these days. Such awesome service takes a level of dedication that most do not have.
Yes, you can get a better deal, but is it really better. If you would pay more for a better plumber, then why not pay more for the tow truck that is taking care of your car?
Having to pay more for extra repairs that didn’t need to happen is not worth saving a few bucks.
Damage free towing takes time and expertise that cannot be offered without charging a fair rate. A professional service will have a huge investment in equipment, safety, and training.
Red Adair said it best “If You Think It’s Expensive To Hire A Professional To Do The Job, Wait Until You Hire An Amateur.”
amateur adjective
inept, unaccomplished, unadroit, undextrous, unfit, ungifted, unskilled, untalented
There is a reason why amateurs charge less. The last thing you need is some untrained employee who just doesn’t care tearing up your car because he is paid so little.
For most, your vehicle is your world. There is no way to maintain your lifestyle if your vehicle is suddenly stuck in the shop for an extended period just because of secondary damage from that underpaid service.
And it’s not just about the cost of extra repairs and other expenses involved but the valuable extra time in dealing with getting all the extra things involved organized and implemented. Babysitting a car repair is no joke.
A small business that provides ride service told his subcontractors if his vehicles ever had a breakdown to use our roadside assistance and he would reimburse them. This small business owner knew the value of reliable, professional service.
One of those contractors decided he didn’t want to pay our higher rate upfront and knew where to get a great deal on a tow.
That “great deal” ended up costing the business owner over $3000 for a new transmission.
All because the contractor was trying to save $100… that he would have gotten paid back the next day.
Of course, that contractor no longer works there. All that money, time in the repair shop, and all the drama could have been avoided with just paying a professional tow truck company to do the job right the first time.
There is not much worse than your car needing minor repairs just to end up needing major surgery all because you tried to save a little money.
Ultimately, the trick to save yourself a lot of time, drama, and headache is to spend more upfront for quality professional service so you end up paying less in the long run. The peace of mind alone is worth it knowing you are not risking thousands of dollars and hours of your precious time in additional car repairs just to save a few dollars.
About the author:
Robyn Hart
A-HESSCO Roadside Assistance & Towing Innovations Dispatcher and Social Media Director