Don’t waste your time with trendy roadside assistance apps. They make you wait hours while they call around for the cheapest price and will charge you extra for the privilege. It’s dangerous when your car leaves you stranded, especially on the side of the road or in an unfamiliar area.

So, your car left you stranded. Wondering what to do next?

  1. Don’t panic, keep calm. Take a deep breath, you got this.
  2. Evaluate your situation. You will need to know the details before you call a Towing Company to get help. Be prepared to tell the Dispatcher what happened to your car. This helps make sure you get the right equipment sent to you. 
  3. Figure out your location. Ask the Dispatcher if you need help finding out where you are.
  4. Call a local tow truck company directly for immediate service.
  5. Don’t wait hours for help. Ask about how to get paid back for faster service. 
  6. Take another deep breath. You can do this. 

Be aware that you can pay up front out of pocket for any roadside assistance services then submit the receipt to any policy like AAA or your insurance for reimbursement.  

Follow the link to learn more about how to get the best and fastest Roadside Assistance possible.  Call HESSCO Roadside Assistance and Towing Innovations in Jacksonville Florida for immediate tow truck service.