Distracted driving is common and deadly. Available statistics from 2005–2017 show a total of 53,714 fatalities as a result of distracted driving. This is a nightmarishly high number, and it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are three types of distracted driving types which you should strive to avoid.
Cell Phone Use
The advent of cell phones has led to tens of thousands of more accidents and deaths. Unfortunately, cell phones are designed to grab our attention at that exact moment, and the temptation to look at a text message or answer is often overwhelming. That’s why it is often safer to hide your cell phone, or at least keep it out of sight when you’re driving. Many cell carriers having some type of “Drive Safe Mode” that limits usage while in a vehicle but must be activated. Phone use is also illegal in many states while driving, and that can cost you big time. According to Matthew V. Portella, a traffic violation can add points to your record, which can result in your license being suspended or revoked if they add up.
We’ve all done it, you’re running late, but hey, you gotta eat, right? So, you throw your coffee into your mug, grab a bagel, and start to drive. This may seem like it’s not a big deal, but it is a major problem. Eating is more complicated than it seems when it comes to driving. According to Decide to Drive, it involves numerous physical and mental processes that can distract your attention from the only place it should be on the road. As such, when you’re driving, don’t eat and minimize what you drink.
Dealing With Kids
Anyone with kids knows they don’t exactly wait for the perfect moment to start to fight, ask distracting questions, or demand immediate attention. Indeed, sometimes it seems as if the opposite is true. When it comes to kids, you can at least work on yours if they are older. Remind them that it is very important that they not fight or scream while you are driving, as that can be dangerous. Younger kids, of course, are more of a challenge, but it is always better to pull over and pick up that toy or bottle, rather than try to deal with a crying kid while still operating a car.
For your own safety, the safety of your passengers and the safety of everyone else on the road, you must remember that when you are driving, you should be doing nothing else but driving. Keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road, and you will greatly reduce the chance of getting into a massive accident.
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