I am an emergency dispatcher for a tow truck company. While I am not an event planner, I do make a living planning for emergencies. Event safety begins and ends with uninterrupted vehicle traffic flow. Traffic flow is important for all size event venues. The best laid plans are always foiled by the overheated engine, the flat tire, or other breakdown issues. These things happen at the worst time and always in the worst places. The last thing any event coordinator needs is for traffic to be backed up at the front entrance because of a vehicle breakdown.
Imagine a bride wanting to exit her limo at the church steps, but a car is broke down right there instead! Or worse, the guest of honor or the event entertainment stuck on the side of the road. Dead batteries or keys locked in the car can dampen the end of a beautiful day. If you had a tow truck on standby, it’s handled quickly and quietly per an excellent event coordinator.
A pro tip for any event planner is to have a reliable towing company on standby. Not just a phone number of somebody you found in passing, but establish a relationship with a trusted local business. Take the time to let your favorite towing company know where your event is placed, when your event begins, how long your event is planned for, and approximate release of guest time frame. Always make sure the tow truck is ready at least an hour before the event begins.
Just take a few minutes to call the towing company in advance with all the pertinent information, so some of the paperwork is already started. If an event is really large, a tow truck onsite for the duration is a great stress relief. Just one less thing to worry about. Be creative, sometimes a tow truck driver will happily attend your event while still being ‘on call’ and throw on his overalls for any vehicle emergency your event may have. Maybe all it takes is a little free food for the tow truck driver to be happy and your event to have a tow truck in attendance the whole time. Sure cuts down on response time!
Don’t rely on AAA. It could take hours for them to show up. That goes for all subscription roadside service plans. Those plans may look like a good deal on paper, but when time is of the essence, you will need a tow truck within minutes, not hours. Talk to the drivers, but make the personal connection with the dispatcher. Don’t be afraid to confirm the tow truck driver for your event will be uniformed and not wearing flip-flops.
Make sure their truck is clean and won’t have drink bottles fall out the door when he gets out the truck. Pick out a towing company that has clearly marked, well kept trucks. If they take pride in their trucks, they will take pride in doing a great job. If possible, actually use their services beforehand for a blind test of quality of service given.
It is worth having a dedicated tow truck company that takes pride in providing safe, fast, courteous service for your guests on your side for all events.