Your trip to the Gulf of Mexico can include time on two-lane highways as well as on the interstate. No matter what your route entails, you’re entering a place of lush greenery and water, both salt and fresh. Here are five things to consider when you’re making the drive to the Gulf of Mexico.
Plan for Weather
Summers along the Gulf are warm and windy. Be prepared for plenty of sunshine and a relaxing time in the beach culture of the southern coast. However, during the late fall, winter and early spring, cold fronts can make for strong winds and high seas. If you’re traveling in an RV during the winter, keep an eye on wind shifts and don’t put out vulnerable items, such as awnings and shade umbrellas, unless you’re going to stay in the area.
Keep an Eye on the Sky
In addition to gorgeous sunsets and sunrises, travel along the Gulf can include terrific air shows. The National Aviation Museum in Pensacola is a great spot to visit with a lot of great attractions, and RVing families with children can enjoy free time in the bleachers when the Blue Angels practice.
Understand the Cultures
Like the city of San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua along the Central American coast, the beach culture along the Gulf of Mexico is tied to the weather and seasons. During the hottest part of the year, people try to get to the water to enjoy a cooling dip and a breeze. Beach-goers must stay aware since they share the space with wildlife, from turtles to alligators. Your trip along the Gulf will be impacted by the season, and some plans may need to be changed to allow for changing weather. Even if you’re driving from Florida to Mississippi, you should research local attractions and plan your route based on your destinations. Build in some flexibility.
Swim and Surf
While the Gulf doesn’t produce strong surfing waves during the summer, the windy winter season will make it possible for you to surf the Texas coast. Be ready for strong winds and cool weather. Short, choppy waves will make it more likely that you wind up in the water, so use your safety gear.
Travel along the Gulf of Mexico will take planning to avoid the strongest winds and any weather dangers. However, time along the water is soothing to many, and the attractions along the coast will provide everyone in your party with a favorite fun spot.
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