Split decisions are those critical moments we all face when driving. As you drive down a highway or interstate, everything you do will affect how you drive. You must also be aware of other drivers. If you see an accident or a car parked on the road, it’s best to move to the other lane if it is a four-lane highway. The best practice above all is to slow down. This gives you more time to make those split decisions that could affect your life or the lives of the ones you love.
Unsafe Road
When driving, be sure to check the road for any kind of debris from an accident. This is why it’s best to slow down if there has been an accident and the involved parties are on the side of the road. Moving the car over helps you to avoid debris that can cause damage to your vehicle and may even cause you to crash as well. Be careful of cars parked on the side of the road, allowing yourself to put plenty of distance between your moving car and the cars that are not moving.
Stopping Speeds
When driving a car at high speed, the laws of physics come into play. It takes longer for you to stop if you are driving at a high rate of speed. While passenger cars might be able to stop at just over 100 feet, trucks may need the length of a football field to stop. Allowing for enough stopping distance is a critical part of safe driving.
Awareness Is Critical
As you drive, you are making decisions by the second. You may not realize it, but every decision you make can either take your life or the lives of those driving around you. Awareness is the most important factor in driving safely. This means to avoid distractions, such as eating food or texting while driving. Making the wrong decision can have tragic results. Maintain a safe speed to allow for optimal stopping distance. Be aware of weather conditions. Keep an eye out for how others are driving as they may be impaired or not practicing awareness.
A focused, aware driver is a safe, smart driver. This type of driver takes the time to assess their driving environment. They allow for optimal stopping distance. Their focus is on the road, and they are not distracted. A smart driver does everything within the split decision time frame to keep themselves and others safe while driving.
Safe or not, accidents still happen. If one happens to you, call A-HESSCO Roadside Assistance & Towing Innovations.