Parents spend hours teaching their kids many skills like sports & music, but hardly any time is given to safe driving skills.
Americans spend an average of more than 17,600 minutes — or about 293 hours — traveling in a vehicle every year.
We need to prepare our kids for something they will be spending so much time in their life doing. It is important to start as early as possible to teach safe driving skills. Remember, all kids learn from watching us.
How often have we seen the funny videos of babies barely able to speak aggressively backseat driving from their car seats? It may seem cute when they repeat our frustrated phrases, but when a 3-year-old does it in the right context it is time to realize that your driving habits are rubbing off on your baby. Those habits will be reinforced daily for about another 13 years.
Driving is a very big responsibility that most adults are taking for granted these days by driving distracted. Your kids are watching…and learning your driving habits alongside potty training. Teach by example, PUT DOWN THE PHONE while driving and practice safe driving skills to our next generation of drivers.