If you’ve ever been stranded when your car breaks down then you know the feeling of sheer terror when the towing company keeps bumping the ETA again and again.

All too often the peace of mind of having roadside assistance is shattered when you’re left abandoned for hours and hours. You just can’t help but feel deserted.  

At first the ETA(Estimated Time of Arrival) is just 45 minutes. Ok, no problem, that’s reasonable. An hour later they call saying you got bumped for a rotation call, it will be another hour.

Ok, now you’re feeling anxious. You’re getting antsy, you start thinking about the bathroom. Another hour will be hard but you anxiously wait. 

So, now you’re two hours in. The tow truck should be here any minute, right? Another half hour goes by you decide to call them. They make yet another excuse and say it will be yet another hour. Sometimes they don’t even answer the phone. 

At this point you’re getting very agitated. Your back and legs hurt from sitting in the car so long. You’re urgently scanning your options for a makeshift way to relieve yourself. Now Imagine this happening during the heat of a summer day. Dehydration starts to set in and you stop sweating.  

Imagine this going on and on, waiting for 4, 6, or even 8 hours. The peace of mind that you had from having roadside assistance is now thoroughly smashed to smithereens.  

Don’t waste your time with trendy apps like HONK. They make you wait hours while they call around for the cheapest price and will charge you extra for the privilege. Don’t worry, there is a way to get faster roadside assistance.  

It’s dangerous when your car leaves you stranded, especially on the side of the road or in an unfamiliar area.  

  • Don’t panic, keep calm. 
  • Don’t wait hours for help. 
  • Call a local tow truck company directly for immediate service.
  • Take a deep breath. You can do this.  

Be aware that you can pay up front out of pocket for any roadside assistance services then submit the receipt to your insurance or any policy like AAA for reimbursement. Don’t gamble with your safety. There’s no reason to risk it. 

Click here to learn more about how to get the best and fastest Roadside Assistance possible.  


Here you will find tips and tricks to easily find a highly recommended local towing company. Nowadays you don’t even have to talk to anyone since many roadside assistance companies allow you to order services by direct text messaging.

It’s important that every driver to know your options and how to get around waiting for third parties when your car has a breakdown.