Nobody thinks about roadside assistance until they need it. Usually, that’s not a problem when you could just whip out the wallet when these things happen. But, these difficult times have put almost everyone in a compromising financial position.
We have noticed a large increase in the volume of calls coming in from those financially challenged from these unforeseen circumstances. We have been helping where we can but resources are wearing thin.
Your help is needed now. Here is a way you can directly help our local Jacksonville, Florida community.
The most requested service is a jump start for a dead battery during this time of quarantine for the Coronavirus pandemic.
No one realizes that staying home has this hidden problem. A car’s battery can go dead sometimes within just a few days of no use.
Imagine… you jump in your car to go to the grocery store and find out that it won’t start because you haven’t driven it in days so the battery went dead.
Now what? You have no income because you lost your job due to businesses being closed to reduce exposure to the COVID-19 Coronavirus. You have very little money left and that’s just enough for food and/or medicine.
Then you realize the car is in the garage so even if you did have someone to come help, there is no way to get jumper cables anywhere close to it anyway.
That is just one scenario that we have seen recently.
Last week, a grandmother caught a flat tire on the way home from the grocery store. It was really hot out that day and she was stuck on the side of the road with no way to get home. She had already spent all of her money on groceries that were now spoiling in the back seat of her car.
Another growing issue lately is many more people are accidentally running out of gas by pushing the limits of their car’s gas mileage. When people have a choice of spending that few extra dollars on food or gas, most pick food first. This is especially distressing since they blame themselves for making that choice.
These types of situations really break our hearts. These hardworking people are suffering enough as it is, then to be stressed with this drama on top of it all is just tragic.
We are doing as many roadside assistance service calls as we can for reduced service fees and in some cases free, but it has taken its toll on us. It cost us extra to outfit our Roadside Technicians with the necessary gear like face mask, gloves and supplies like disinfectant and wiping towels.
Even though our business is deemed essential the dramatic drop in traffic due to the shut down has greatly reduced paying jobs but increased those that don’t have the means to pay full price so we are adapting to overcome that by asking for your help. We hope to continue to provide a reduced service fee, and in some cases free, roadside assistance as long as we can. With your help, we can make sure our poorest and most vulnerable members of our community are cared for in a respectful manner.
When we come across anyone that is sick or showing signs of being sick, we do not deny service. Our teams have completed training on dealing with hazardous bio-contamination, so we are prepared for any situation.
The PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) gear like full-body suits that we must wear during these type of risky interactions cost up to $50 each time we have to deploy.
As nurses and doctors know, this gear is extremely uncomfortable for the wearer and is extra rough in hot weather.
Dehydration is an especially dangerous side effect while wearing a secure bodysuit with a mask. Check out this video (PART 1 and PART 2) of a recent flat tire change with spare service while in protective gear to reduce exposure.
Some may call our measures overkill but we believe safety is nothing to skimp on. Especially when your life is, quite literally, on The Thin White Line. We have always gone the extra mile for the safety of our employees and customers. This is why our business remains claim-free while providing damage-free service in an extraordinary manner.
We hope you will help us continue to help provide reduced roadside assistance service rates, or in some cases free roadside assistance services, through your donations of the following needful things
  1. Face Masks
  2. Nitrile Gloves in Large or Extra Large
  3. Hand Sanitizer
  4. Disinfectant, especially need Lysol Brand in Aerosol cans
  5. Monetary Donations… no matter how small, every little bit helps
  6. Gas Cards in $10 increments
Extra supplies will be delivered to local police departments, hospitals, urgent care facilities, Elder Care Facilities, daycares, Etc.
Gas cards will be distributed to customers based on need.
We are accepting monetary donations to help pay for specialty supplies and our expenses to provide reduced service fees or in certain cases free roadside assistance for people who can’t afford a jump-start for a dead battery, flat tire change with spare, gas delivery, or lockout entry. They don’t have the income to pay for something like that right now and need our help.
We are also offering a ride to a nearby food bank to those in Jacksonville, FL that can’t make it there otherwise. Limitations apply. Contact Dispatch at 904-327-9599 for more details or with any questions.
You can also support us by buying egift cards to use, give away to friends and family, any random stranger in need, or if you want to give help to someone specific.
A-HESSCO Roadside Assistance & Towing Innovations
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