Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens

The Arboretum and Gardens were officially opened up in November 2008. Today, we have a beautiful landscape that never stops to impress individuals. The makeover of the “barren” ground to one loaded with countless attractive and healthy plants and animals is a marvel. The history of the Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens gives hope to as many that go to the location. The fact that new life continues to grow up on the land stimulates those discouraged.

With over 126-acres of land, 13 various ecosystems, a beautiful lake, and countless trails, the Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens is a treasure in Jacksonville. It offers the countryside feel in the city. The Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens was awarded the Best Trails in Jacksonville in 2019. Located at 1445 Millcoe Road Jacksonville, FL 32225, Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens is a wonderful location to go when looking for quiet time, stroll, or to meet good friends.

Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens is a lovely wonder. Between the years 1944 to 1961, it functioned as a mining ground. Its nutrients were stripped and the ground bare. The land was acquired by the city of Jacksonville in the 1970s and left unused for thirty years. It later became a site where waste was dumped. In 2004, plans to make the ground a leisure center was established.

It is dog friendly as pet dogs have fun checking out the trails. A terrific place to take your kids to play and release their bundle of energy. It is not just a place to have a good time and kick back, it is additionally a place to explore nature and discover something new. Thanks to the plenty of benches constructed by volunteers, you can sit and take in the lovely view.

At its perception in 2008, the Arboretum and Garden major features were the paved parking lot, Jones Creek, the Lake Loop, and Ravine Trails. The Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens we have today is the outcome of self-sacrificing individuals who volunteer at the Arboretum. As a non-profit organization, the garden is taken care of through sponsorships and contributions.

As a result of the mining operations that happened on the land in its early years, the premises are uneven making it distinct from various other parks in Jacksonville. Entry is totally free so there is no reason not to visit. The Arboretum & Garden is open to all people of every socio-economic class, age, and race.

The trails are self-guiding and easy for navigation. The Arboretum has the largest loblolly bay tree in Florida. You learn something as there are academic signs throughout the Arboretum that helps to identify tree types and provides details concerning environments. Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens is a place that offers relief and tranquility.

Driving Directions:
From Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens, 1445 Millcoe Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32225, United States to A-HESSCO Roadside Assistance & Towing Innovations, 10943 Moncrief Dinsmore Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32219, United States via I-295 N

21 min (20.4 miles)

Get on I-295 N
2 min (0.7 mi)

Head south on Millcoe Rd toward Monument Rd
0.3 mi

Turn right onto Monument Rd
410 ft

Turn right onto the FL-9A N ramp
0.4 mi

Follow I-295 N to FL-104 W/Dunn Ave. Take exit 30 from I-295 N
15 min (16.7 mi)

Merge onto I-295 N
16.1 mi

Take exit 30 to merge onto FL-104 W/Dunn Ave
0.6 mi

Continue on FL-104 W/Dunn Ave. Drive to Moncrief Dinsmore Rd
5 min (2.9 mi)

Merge onto FL-104 W/Dunn Ave
2.2 mi

Sharp left onto New Kings Rd
0.3 mi

Turn right onto Dunn Ave
0.4 mi

Turn left onto Moncrief Dinsmore Rd
Destination will be on the left
305 ft

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