Planning your next road trip is an exciting task. You’ve checked off the sites to see, the places to stay at and the family and friends you plan on seeing. However, have you given any thought to how to pacify the backseat natives? Keeping the kids occupied helps them pass the time easier and better enjoy the trip. Thankfully, there are many ways that they can play in the car and let you keep your sanity.

Day at the Movies

While many parents might feel a sense of guilt for letting their kids spend a lot of time with devices like TVs, phones and tablets, the truth is that when used in moderation, these devices can be beneficial. If you are taking a trip that requires your kids to be in the vehicle for several hours, installing a movie player and watching a new movie is a great way to entertain your kids all at the same time.

Tablets are convenient since each child can have their own programs and content, and smartphones provide the same. You may want to play an audiobook that everyone will like. Be sure to pack snacks for them to enjoy while playing or watching things!

Travel Games

It is almost a requirement to play travel games in the car with the older kids. The “ABC game” is a classic where everyone looks for the next letter in order of the alphabet during the drive. The “Car Tag” game is one where everyone looks for certain cars. These are easy and fun games that do not require any preparation or materials.

Provide Blankets and Pillows

You may be taking a trip that is six hours or more, and, in that case, you will want to ensure that everyone can relax or sleep during the trip. Your children may find it easier to take naps inside a car with a comfortable interior. Make sure you pack their favorite blankets and pillows so that they can sleep easily. To keep the interior dim for the shorter residents in the back, place sunshades on the windows.

Activities, Books and Games

A car trip provides an ideal opportunity to bring out some fun activity books, games and puzzles. Many popular games come in a miniaturized form for playing while riding, and puzzle books with easy crosswords, dot-to-dots, word finds and other similar activities are good for entertainment and good for the brain.

These are just some of the ways in which you can provide amusement and comfort so that your children will enjoy their road trip as much as possible. Besides all the things you can do in the car, remember it’s also good to get out and break the trip up a bit, especially if the children are young. Good planning makes for a great trip!

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