AAA roadside assistance is a great tool for any driver. Many say they have had AAA membership forever and still pay for it year after year despite never using it. 

Having this type of insurance can offer many a peace of mind, but don’t fall for a false sense of security. Learning this trick will give you knowledge that helps when it’s not a perfect world. 

Everyone agrees AAA is an amazing deal…when it works. Most can relate to horror stories about being left stranded on the side of the road for 4 hours, 6 hours, even 8 hours or more waiting on a membership or club type roadside assistance. This scenario is not limited to AAA, it’s just the nature of how these types of roadside programs work.

If you haven’t experienced this, just imagine spending a full day(or all night) trapped, enduring the elements, in a dangerous situation. Even a battery jump start or tire change at home have been known to wait 2 days for service. Being in a parking lot or at home can be considered a lower priority since it’s considered a safer location.  

Most don’t realize roadside assistance memberships must prioritize accordingly, it’s usually not “first come, first served”. 

But, no worries!! I’ve got a trick that every driver needs to know now. This knowledge is closely guarded by roadside memberships like AAA. They don’t want you to know this because it costs them money. Lots more money.  

I guarantee this life hack works. Check out this guy’s experience 

“Absolutely exceptional. I was on the side of the highway with a dead battery, literally one mile away from the Auto parts store to get a new one. I call AAA. They’re estimated arrival time was 10:15PM! The Auto parts store closes at 9, and it’s almost 8!

I looked up Hessco. They were with me in 30 minutes and I got to the store at 8:45. The battery was replaced, and I was able to drive home. They had a great crew making sure everything was safe on the roadside. Mike, who came out to greet me, was very professional.

Even better, Hessco said I could show AAA the receipt and I would be reimbursed for the service because the AAA wait time was too long. Apparently, this happens a lot to people. (Edit: Since this review was written, I did in fact get that reimbursement.)

STRONGLY recommend you use this service if you’re in a similar bind. Obviously, it’s not free but was well worth it.

Special thanks to Robin who helped me over the phone, advising me to call the auto parts store in advance, saying to have the new battery ready because I might be getting there close to 9. Very smart!!”

Faster AAA Service

Here’s the tip about reimbursement AAA doesn’t like you to know.

You can get paid back for getting fast service.

That’s right! AAA will pay you back in full just like you see in the edit on our Google 5 Star Review. If AAA has kept you waiting, you can call any roadside assistance or tow truck company and pay up-front out-of-pocket retail price for immediate service. Then submit that receipt for reimbursement and AAA will pay you back, usually in just a few days.

This trick will also work with any other roadside assistance membership you may have. Check your Auto Insurance, credit card, or cell phone for hidden roadside assistance policies. They can differ greatly but will still pay you back according to the policy benefits.

Don’t get stuck waiting. Now you know…spread the word by sharing this real life hack that really works.