The fact that your Lexus key fob uses a battery for its functionalities, means that once the battery is dead or has a fault, it will either stop working or not functioning properly. At some point, it tends to wear out and needs replacement. Seeking assistance for the replacement from any Lexus center near you or an expert is quite easy but for self-knowledge and urgency, you might want to do it yourself. So let’s get through on how to comfortably change your Lexus key fob battery.

At first, try to know the kind of key your Lexus car has, either a smart key that starts at the push of a button or a conventional key that turns on the ignition. Do well to go through the owner’s manual and read the do-it-yourself maintenance section to know your key type, the type of battery you need, and a guideline on how to possibly replace your car key battery. The method of replacing your battery slightly differs depending on the key type and model.

Lexus Smart Key Battery Replacement

In changing your smart key battery, first get a screwdriver and source for the right kind of battery at either a Lexus service center, camera store, appliance shop, or your local Walgreen.

Inside the key fob is embedded a mechanical key and to remove this key, you have to slight the release button on the side of the key fob. Once the metal key is removed, it will reveal a small indentation. Insert into the indentation the flat part of the key, and twist. A flat screwdriver can as well be used to push and twist the cover off. Make use of the screwdriver or even a paperclip to carefully remove the dead battery and replace it with the new one. Ensure that you properly insert the new battery with the + terminal facing up. Snap the key fob cover back in place and put the electronic key model back.

Test the key fob to make sure all buttons are functioning properly. If not, seek help from any Lexus car center and professionals.

Replacing Lexus Car Fob Battery With a Conventional Ignition Key

All you need in this case as tools are a screwdriver, a coin, a paperclip, and the new battery for the replacement. You’re to see either one or two Phillips screw heads at the back of the key. If it is one screw head you see, do well to remove it with the screwdriver and safeguard it so that it won’t get lost.

Try shaking the back to lose it from the rest of the key and take it off. Unscrew the two smaller screws that hold the inside of the key together, revealing the battery inside. Carefully remove the battery using the paperclip and replace it with the new battery. Fasten with the two small screws the inside of the key back together. Finally fix the back on and use the longer screw to hold it in place.

If the key fob is fastened together by two screws, make sure that both are unscrewed before pulling the back off. This key style allows the back cover to automatically pull off once the screws are removed because no hook is attached to it. On the inside of the key next to a small hole is written ‘coin open’. Insert a coin in the hole with one hand and twist firmly while holding the interior of the key firmly in the other hand. At this point, the battery is revealed.

Remove the dead battery and insert the new one, ensuring that the insertion was properly done. Then hook back the inside of the key back together. Arrange the buttons with the holes on the outside of the key, then replace the back of the key and insert the screws to keep it in place.

In either way of replacing your battery, ensure that you work with completely dry hands to reduce the risk of battery rust caused by moisture in the key fob.

Factors that Indicate Your Car fob Battery is Low or Dead

Some factors indicate that your battery is low and needs replacement. Firstly, a low-battery alert will sound in the cabin when the engine is stopped. Another sign is when the vicinity detection area for the key becomes smaller. Again, you notice that the push-button start or the Smart Access system doesn’t work. More so if the LED indicator light on the key doesn’t turn on. All these factors are points that the battery is low and might need replacement.

How To Save My Battery From Depletion

Your Lexus key fob battery can be saved from draining, especially when it is set to a battery-saving mode.

Simply hold down the lock and press the unlock button twice. Once you do that, the electronic key indicator will flash four times to confirm that the battery-saving mode is set. Press any of the key fob buttons if you want to use the smart access system and push-button start again

You can as well prolong the life of your key battery by not positioning it close to electrical appliances that produce a magnetic field, including TVs, laptops, cell phones, and battery chargers, induction cookers, and table lamps. Need roadside help for your Lexus? Call our towing and roadside assistance company today to help you out!