Driving an older car with a few dents, dings and rust damage can be a little embarrassing, but you don’t have to let a few cosmetic defects stop you from driving or purchasing a vehicle that doesn’t look it’s best on the outside. With a little research and a small investment of time and money, you can repair a lot of cosmetic damage yourself.
If left unchecked, rust can eat away at your car’s paint. The good news is that you can repair some of the damage done by rust without spending a lot of money on replacement body parts. Start by sanding the area by hand with 80 grit sandpaper. Don’t sand too quickly or use a power sander initially. If you find you need more power, you can switch to a power sander to ensure a smooth finish. Take the rusted area down to the bare metal. Tape around the sanded area with masking tape, leaving the sanded area exposed. For good coverage, use a sheet of automotive masking paper secured by tape to protect the surrounding area. Select a quality primer suited for bare metal. Spray in thin, even coats, and allow it time to completely dry. Finally, paint. To match your car’s exact color, get in touch with an expert car paint supplier. You can also speak with a rep at your local automotive supply store and get help matching paint by year, make and model.
You can repair unsightly dents and dings in your car with a little effort plus the right tools and supplies. Besides using tools specifically designed for removing dents, you can get creative and try using a clean household plunger to pull out small ones. Some methods of removing dents may require you to get in touch with your inner scientist. For instance, using a dryer to heat the dented area and then using a can of compressed air on it may cause the dent to correct itself.
Big scratches are something that take more work, but minor scratches are something that you can probably fix yourself. Minor scratches can be repaired with a paint pen that matches your car’s original color. If the scratches are small, consider hiding them with decorative decals, pinstriping, or unique paint designs.
An older car doesn’t have to look tired and worn-out. The key to making your car look good on a budget is to be creative. A good place to start is an automotive supply store where you can find a wide selection of products and accessories aimed at repairing and enhancing your vehicle’s appearance.