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The site was eventually purchased by Richard Norman, Norman Studios’ Sr. in 1922. Norman Studios’ films were made with all-black casts. After the retirement of Norman, from the earlier 1950s all through to the mid-1970s Richard’s wife Gloria used the main building as a studio for dancing. The location has actually endured till now and is a considerable part of black History as well as North Florida film history.

These enhancements catapulted Arlington from being a semi-rural as well as habitable community to something more suburban and less strongly gathered. By the late 1960s all through to the 90s, even more groups of homes and apartment or condo real estate were created. 1967 brought the building of the nearby Regency Mall. The 1969 consolidation sealed Arlington’s fate as part of Jacksonville rather than a community apart.

Arlington is not simply among Jacksonville’s largest suburban areas, it also happens to be the city’s most historically-rich locations. The area dates right back to the 16th century when Fort Caroline was developed by the French along the St. John’s River on the north boundary of Arlington. Arlington was proved to have been inhabited by Indigenous Americans as far back as 5000 B.C as well as the evidence are a number of noteworthy Indian mounds.

America was struck by Florida Fever in the 1920s. It was simply an excitement for the complete satisfaction of sunny Florida during free time. As a significant railway hub, Jacksonville came to be an exiting point as well as consolidated on its credibility and reputation as “the entrance to Florida.” Despite the adjustment around it, Arlington stayed rather excluded to the fever, though the civilization slowly expanded.

The surrounding land sat untouched for numerous centuries after the fort disappeared. The modern Arlington story began after the Civil War. Returning Union Soldiers were told of the elegance of North Florida and soon after, Northerners started to develop summer homes along the Arlington River.

The film industry began to transfer to North Florida early in the 1900s and the teenagers. The Eagle Film Manufacturing Company took control of an ineffective cigar-rolling factory as well as set up four other structures to house their “Film City” in 1916. It was a big operation, including a creating area, offices, a creating area as well as a huge pool to film water scenes. While this created some type of excitement, Eagle Film soon packed up.

Jacksonville University, established in 1934, motivated by the plans for the bridge, obtained land in Arlington around 1948 (a land which was previously the land on where the Chesterfield Plantation stood, once possessed by Anna Kingsley). Building of the brand-new campus started around 1950, as well as the development of the bridge was completed at about 1953. The appearance of Jacksonville University resulted in the development of the Chaseville Highway, currently known as University Boulevard, into a six-lane roadway around the year 1961.

The long division of Arlington from Jacksonville was at some point divided in the 1950s by the hard-fought building of the Mathews Bridge, connecting it to the city not by the indirect path through the Southside, however straight to the heart of city center. The bridge was given the title John E. Mathews, a judge and legislator who was conductive in collecting the funding and also social motion to get it constructed. As an historian and also local Cleve Powell notes, “the Arlington Bridge … had actually been reviewed as long as there were cars.” The Arlington Bridge Boosters Association circuited a petition in the year 1946 for a top-level bridge (rather than the traffic-knotting draw bridges). The bridge was delayed for years until it came to be a sure thing.

Driving Directions:

From A-HESSCO Roadside Assistance & Towing Innovations, 10943 Moncrief Dinsmore Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32219, United States to Arlington, Jacksonville, FL, USA via I-295 N

23 min (21.6 miles)

Get on I-295 N from Dunn Ave
6 min (3.5 mi)

Head northwest on Moncrief Dinsmore Rd toward Dunn Ave
305 ft

Turn right onto Dunn Ave
0.4 mi

Turn left onto New Kings Rd
0.3 mi

Sharp right onto Dunn Ave
2.5 mi

Turn left to merge onto I-295 N toward Savannah
0.3 mi

Continue on I-295 N to Southside Blvd
17 min (17.8 mi)

Merge onto I-295 N
14.7 mi

Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 45 for FL-113/Merrill Rd E toward Southside Connector
0.5 mi

Continue onto FL-113 S/Southside Connector
2.6 mi

Continue onto Southside Blvd
41 s (0.2 mi)

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