I was surfing the internet the other day and found out that others love our videos so much they add them to their blog posts. The raw footage coupled with professional military-style tactics makes for an exciting video.
Here is an example…
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Our videos are unedited raw real life on the thin white line. Our YouTube channel chronicles our Life On The Thin White Line with Tales From The Roadside. Our videos are uploaded raw and uncut so you get to experience every little thing. It really helps you to feel the fear and terror of being so close to travel lanes.
That thin white line on the edge of the road offers as much protection as the flashing yellow lights on the service vehicle. That is why a tow truck operator is killed at least once a week in this country alone. Even worse, a highway worker is killed almost every day. This is not even considering injuries into these statistics. Many, many more people are seriously injured or even maimed for life due to being hit while working on the side of the road.
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Our videos show how our team increases safety as much as possible on the roadside. One person can’t do the job at hand and wave flags or watch and alert for oncoming traffic. We were the first to implement this innovation of using a team on each and every job to increase safety for our technicians and customers. As a consequence we get the job done faster so time spent on each job is reduced dramatically.
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Please remember to #slowdownmoveover when you see flashing yellow lights, even if it just a construction zone. Yellow flashing lights mean caution for a reason. You don’t want to be responsible for taking a persons life just because you were in a hurry.
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Author: Robyn Hart
Social Media Director